Are quality products made from the best components with implementation of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 as well as reliable after-sales service spreaded all over Indonesia. Hot water can be generated efficiently by WIKA HEAT PUMP WATER HEATERS. In comparison with the Electric and Gas Water Heaters, WIKA HEAT PUMP WATER HEATERs can save energy up to 80%.


WIKA ELECTRIC Water Heaters (Wika EWH)

WIKA Water Heaters are awarded as TOP BRAND 2011 and 2014 for the most trusted and leading water heater products in Indonesia.

WIKA EWH advantages are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel SS 430 BA Outer Layer
  • Titanium coated and Enameled water tank for anti corrosion
  • Non-CFC Polyurethane Insulating materials
  • ELCB Protection, Over-Pressure Protection, Magnesium Anode
  • LED Display


WIKA AIRCON Water Heater (Wika AWH)

Storing heat may be the last thing we think of when turning on an air conditioning unit, but WIKA AIRCON water heater takes advantage of the sweltering weather to heat water while cooling the air. Heating water while cooling a building can help saving energy, since the heat recovery process eases the load of the air conditioner.WIKA AIRCON water heater is the perfect solution for reducing your electricity cost, and we can get the benefits of heating the water while cooling the air.