PHILIPS is the global leader in LIGHTING

PHILIPS has been providing innovative lighting products and solutions since 1891. Its lightwing solution has been at the forefront of trends such as miniaturization, energy efficiency, easy-of-use, light and well-being, quality of light, personalization, mood and emotion. PHILIPS is also committed to making products and systems easier to use and install, including intuitive lighting controls.

With PHILIPS lighting solution, we believe in building a shared vision of an improved and sustainable future with our customers and translating this into day-to-day operation, creating a mutually benefit long-lasting partnership.

And with PHILIPS, you will always be ahead in the lighting world.

  1. LED lamps
  2. High Intensity Discharge Lamps
  3. Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  4. Halogen Lamps
  5. General Lamps

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