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Starting Contract: September 2012 - Now

Following are the scope of works offered to our clients:

  1. VAC package
    a. Air Conditioning System (Chiller, Cooling Tower, chilled water pump, condenser water pump, Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit and Split Unit System, Ducting System)
    b. Ventilation System (Intake Fan, Exhaust Fan, Pressurized Fan and others Fan)
  2. Plumbing and Sanitary Package
    a. Water treatment plant
    b. Waste water treatment
    c. STP
    d. Water Tank
    e. Pipe and accessories
  3. Mechanical Package
    a. Fire Fighting System
    b. Lift and Escalator
    c. Gondola
    d. Pump (except AC pump)
  4. Electric and Electronic Package
    a. Power Electrical (listrik arus kuat) and Genset (main panel, sub-panel and others panel)
    a. Audio (Tata Suara) and Public Address (paging)
    b. Lighting System
    c. Telecommunication System
    d. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
    e. Master Antene Television
    f. Fire Alarm
    - Handing over assessment
    - Energy Management
    - Energy Audit
    - Designed for improving the system