• Facilities and Utilities Management

    We plan, service, manage, and deliver complete end-to-end solutions for both new and existing properties. Our reputation is built not only on what we do but how we do it. We work closely with best equipment, technology and expertise to provide building owners with the most efficient and cost effective utility service solutions available. One partner, one solution, one bill, one focus – developing long term reliable solutions, technological superiority, real savings, and ongoing technical support.

  • Building Operation

    Our teams develop an understanding of the current needs to operate, maintain, and manage buildings. Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and equipment are primarily discussed as they account for a great deal of operation and maintenance efforts. However, operation and maintenance of plumbing, electrical, life safety systems and other elements of building systems are also put on our focus scope of services.

  • Engineering Maintenance

    Engineering Maintenance Services provide planned maintenance services tailored to meet building requirements for all heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and facilities services. This service involves supervision by our engineers and specialist to carry out scheduled maintenance procedures to building specifications or to the specifications set by equipment suppliers. All works are carried out our engineers, and assigned to a dedicated engineer for response within specified time limits.

  • Energy Management and Energy Audit

    The role of Utilities and Energy Management and Audit is to monitor energy usage and develop programs to reduce energy consumption and maximize the efficiency of the building’s energy needs. Utilities and Energy Management ensures quality stewardship and efficient operation of the buildings. Our service can include the responsibility for providing uninterrupted supply of power, energy, heating, and cooling to the building facilities and other related systems.

  • Energy Efficient Products

    Energy efficiency is the first step toward achieving sustainability in buildings. Energy efficiency helps control rising energy costs, reduce environmental footprints, and increase the value and competitiveness of buildings. Our experts can analyze your existing energy usage, suggest appropriate energy savings solutions, and put these ideas into practice. We have various products that conserve significant amount of energy used, hence creating a greener and better buildings. Sustainability is all about using the resources of today efficiently, in a manner that meets our own needs, but doesn’t compromise the ability of others to meet their own needs in the future. Contact us if you are interested to know how our products can be a help to your buildings energy conservation.