Thermobreak™ is the original “All in One” flxible thermal insulation made from physically crosslinked closed cell polyolefi foam, factory fused to a reinforced 9um aluminium foiland backed with a specially developed acrylic tissue interlayer adhesive system.

Designed for value and proven to perform, Thermobreak™ products offer outstanding thermal insulation properties and effective condensation control.

PHYSICALLY Crosslinked – Engineered cell size and density for outstanding thermal performance.

Physical ( irradiation) crosslinking utilises an electron beam process that is clean and precise. Developedby the Sekisui company, the process results in a very fie and even cell structure. Cell size affectsthermal conductivity and hence thermal performance. Thermobreak™ insulation provides much betterthermal as well as physical properties than chemically crosslinked and elastomeric foams.

Vapour diffusion into the insulation material is one of the major causes of condensation. The subsequentspreading of water after condensation can reduce the insulation capacity of a material by as much as 50% .

Due to its closed cell structure and additional aluminium foil facing, Thermobreak™ is classifidunder Bristish Standards, as a vapour barrier itself. This ensures effective condensation prevention ,often associated with vapour permeability through the insulation. The closed cell structure preventsabsorption and stops the spread of water.

Extensive Fire and Smoke testing.

Thermobreak™ insulation has been extensively tested to major national and international standards, including Australian, British, UL, American, European, and ISO Standards. Thermobreak™ products arealso approved and listed by several national bodies such as PSB ( Singapore), HK Fire Services Bureau ,as well as BOMBA ( Malaysia) and Dubai Municipality.

Reinforced pure aluminium foil facing

Thermobreak™ is supplied with factory applied reinforced aluminium foil facing. The 9um foil withthe strong reinforcement weave offers superior physical protection to the insulation. No additionalcoating or protection is required. The closed cell structure and foil facings ensure almost zero vapourpermeability.
The composite is itself classifid as a vapor barrier under British Standards.

Acrylic tissue adhesive system

The acrylic tissue interlayer adhesive system is designed to perform in a variety of extreme conditions. The tissue interlayer system is specially developed to ensure foolproof application. It is designed to bere-positionable at the installation stage before permanently curing to the steel duct. Unlike direct coatedsystems, this ensures proper installation without damage to the insulation caused by repeated alignmentof the insulation to the duct.