PT. RDPI uses Philips Green Perform LED HighBay BY series for the most efficient and energy saving lighting solution.

In May 2014, PT. RD Pacific International (RDPI) appointed Microchem to install about 220 units of Philips BY series in their new factory. Philips GreenPerform LED Highbay BY series provide intelligent Highbay lighting solution. These series have various selection in power (90W~240W) for requirements of new installation and retrofit project, providing customers with flexible and practical solution of replacing HPI. GreenPerform LED Highbay saves up to 80% energy.

Along with the BY series, we also installed Philips BN Series and WT series. These lamps combination give the most optimum lighting with the best energy saving for the new RDPI factory.  

PT. RDPI is widely diversified business units and operations of RD Corporation that span in the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Netherlands and Australia. RD Corporation major interests is in fishing, freezing, bulk storage, shipyard and dockyard facility, tuna canneries, prawn hatchery, prawn and fish farms, seafood processing plant, pawnshops, commercial banks, realty development, hardware, cattle ranch, insurance, credit, hotels, hospital and lending.

RDPI started its commercial Indonesia operations in 2009. Located in Bitung, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia. Structured as a fully integrated company, RDPI started with fishing operation and ice plant. The company was granted licenses to fish the archipelagic waters of Indonesia, with the presence of its own fishing fleet, dockyard and seaport. Together with the cold storage facility, the canning activity is planned to start in this new factory. It has facilities such as laboratories and equipments in accordance to world food quality and safety standards to ensure the company produce and deliver high quality tuna products for its customers worldwide.